Beauty Concepts Eyeliner Pencil Collection



  • 5 different colors Eyeliner Pencil,offer high quality, long lasting with a soft application.All are BRAND NEW, NEVER USED.
  • Super waterproof eyeliner can also be used as eye shadow, smudge out naturally.
  • The canned colloidal form is designed as a slashable pen type, which eliminates the inconvenience of going out and using it.
  • Eyeliner pen refill - soft core,soft and hard texture,strong stretch performance, can draw a detailed eyeliner, not blooming.
  • It can also be used as a lip liner with could color all lip as lipstick.One line to draw the outliner. Help to show the coloration of lipstick.This paragraph is a must-have backpack.

Beauty Concepts Eyeliner Kit